Reward Points

How to Earn Reward Points:

You can earn reward points every time you shop at Love Depot. You get 5 points for every ₹100 you spend. Shop more to earn more points! You can also collect reward points by signing up on Love Depot. Look out for our emails from time to time for exciting offers and ways to earn more reward points!

How to Use Reward Points:

Each reward point you earn is worth ₹1. You can use your reward points on almost any purchase you make at Love Depot.

To redeem your reward points, follow these simple steps:
1. Make sure you are logged into your account.
2. Add items to your cart that you would like to purchase.
3. At the checkout, select Redeem Points.
4. Your reward points will be applied and reflected in your total amount.
5. You can redeem points only in the multiples of 50 (For eg. 50,100,150) with a maximum limit of 500
6. Points usage is only valid if the transaction where you earned points has been successfully completed.

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