Why is the pubic mound relevant?

What is the pubic mound?

Also known as the mons pubis, it is a mound of fatty tissues in the shape of an upside-down triangle that covers the pubic bone (the front-facing bone of the pelvic bones). It lies over the pubic symphysis joint. It is covered by skin and pubic hair.

It is present in both males and females, however, it’s more prominent in women as it’s made up of fatty tissues that are more estrogen-sensitive. In females, it is called the ‘Mons Venus’ which means mound of venus, forming a part of the anatomy of the vulva. It is located at the base of the abdomen, above the labia. It extends from the pubic hairline to the clitoris. Among males, the mons pubis covers the pubic bone just like the females. Both penis and the urethra are attached to the mons pubis. 

Before hitting puberty, it is hairless and flat, however, during puberty the inflow of estrogen (in females) makes the pubic mound grow larger and it starts growing pubic hair. During menopause, due to the reduced production of estrogen, the pubic hair thins out and the mons pubis reduces in size. 

Its function?

Its primary function is to act as a cushion that protects the pubic bone. Not just that, it also acts as a cushion during sexual intercourse. It’s also the storehouse for sebaceous glands, or oil-secreting glands, that release pheromones to induce sexual attraction.  

Ignored under the sheets? 

Usually, we tend to focus on the vagina and the lower part of the vulva, however, the pubic mound or mons pubis can also be a great gateway to pleasure. The pubic mound is connected to the genitals and contains a large number of nerve endings as well. Massaging it up and down can help stimulate other erogenous zones like the labia and clitoris.

If you’re with your partner, they can touch, lick or kiss this area depending on both your and your partner’s liking and comfort. If you’re pleasuring yourself, you can massage the pubic mound with your hands or a sex toy. 

Overall, we observe that every part of our anatomy has various roles to play. Similarly, pubic mound plays several roles in sexual health and play.

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