What is Clitoris?

Defining Clitoris

It’s time to study Cliterature!

Simply put, clitoris is the pleasure centre of the female reproductive parts. It is an erogenous organ and most sensitive to touch. Its sole purpose is to provide you with sexual pleasure. Yes, you heard it right! 

It’s made up of erectile tissues, hence when aroused, the clitoris grows in size.

How to locate your clit?

The clitoris has the top-most spot on the vulva. 

Do you know where your vaginal opening is? Just above that is your urethra (the whole you pee from). If you go slightly above that too, you’ll reach a spot covered by a flesh hood called the clitoral hood. Hidden under that is the clitoris. 

Why is the clitoris a mystery?

Historically, the existence of institutional and societal prejudice against female sexuality has led to the negligence of female anatomy. In a world where various pieces of research could be found on the male anatomy, O’Connell and her team published groundbreaking research in 1998 (later extended in 2005 after MRI examinations) that changed and challenged the way people looked at female sexuality and anatomy. Earlier, the clitoris was just mentioned during procedures of restoring sensation. But now, thanks to O’Connell we understand the much greater role that the clitoris plays in bringing immense pleasure and stimulating orgasm for vulva owners.

Its role in orgasm…

The tip of the clitoris is a hotbed of nerve endings making it the pleasure button for the Big O. The tip is the most sensitive to touch. Research shows that clitoral and vaginal stimulation is important for women to achieve orgasms. 

For most women, penetration does not always result in orgasms. Thus, the clitoris needs to be taken into consideration and stimulated to attain orgasms. 

Ways to stimulate your clitoris

Whether you’re flying solo or having fun with your partner, you can use your finger or ask your partner to stimulate the clitoris. But you know what might work like magic? A sex toy! 

Whatever your preference, there is a toy out there that can help you. 

Few sex toys that you might love 

It’s time to bring equality to our bedrooms!

It’s crucial that we ALL (no matter your gender, orientation or sex) understand the anatomy of vulva owners and make an effort in acknowledging and understanding female pleasure. It’s time we bring female sexuality to the forefront of bedroom talk and make efforts at not just understanding ourselves but also our partner’s needs. 

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