What is a Perineum?


The perineum is a small patch of sensitive skin between the scrotum and the anus. It is a diamond-shaped structure made up of soft tissues, fatty tissues, muscles, and membranes, located at the underlying region of the pelvic floor.

The internal perineum is located below the pelvic muscle of the pelvic floor, and goes up to the pelvic bones. The front region of the perineum begins at the pubic symphysis and reaches back to the tailbone. It also extends to the sitz bones present at the left and right of the pelvis.  

Colloquially, (in the USA) the perineum is also known as the ​​“gooch” or the “taint”. I could get into the origins of these nicknames, but that part is maybe for another blog

What is its function?

The perineum supports the urogenital and gastrointestinal systems, hence it plays an important role in sexual intercourse as well as defecation. If you’re a vulva owner from birth, the perineum’s structure provides support during childbirth. It also forms the base for supporting the pelvic floor muscles that hold organs like the bladder and the reproductive organs. 

Moreover, it’s an erogenous zone with multiple nerve endings. These nerve endings help in heightened sexual arousal and response. 

What is its structure?

It is considered to be roughly diamond-shaped. If you draw an imaginary line in between, it can be divided into two triangles. These triangles are called the urogenital triangle and the anal triangle.

Urogenital triangle: It is the fronthalf of the perineum and consists of the urethra, the genitals, and relevant muscles. This triangle has an added layer of deep tissue called the perineal membrane.

Anal triangle: It is the back half of the perineum and is connected to the anus. The anal triangle plays an essential role during defecation as it consists of connective tissues that allow expansion of the anal canal.  

These two triangles meet at the perineal body. It is a mass of tissues that support the pelvic floor. It also acts as an attachment connecting the perineum with the pelvic floor. Often the perineal body is the region that gets injured during childbirth. 

Can the perineum be a sweet spot? 

Simply, the answer is yes! 

Given the lack of sex education, a lot of us are not aware of a lot of pleasure spots of our body, the perineum being one. No matter your gender, playing with this area can be a great part of foreplay. Stimulating this area can heighten sexual arousal and at times even lead to orgasms. According to many experts, massaging the perineum can be more arousing for people who have a prostate (mainly biological men) as it can stimulate it from the other side. 

To stimulate your perineum, you can primarily use your fingers to apply gentle pressure (depending on the kind of touch you like) and carefully rub the area. You can touch, lick, tickle, and make circles from your fingers to stimulate the perineum. 

You can add other forms of stimulation to enhance the pleasure. For instance, you can stimulate the penis or use butt plugs while massaging the perineum. The multiple stimulations at once can help you achieve a greater orgasm as not everyone can orgasm by playing with the perineum alone. 

If you want to give your hands a break, you can use a vibrator or a massaging sex toy to stimulate your perineum.  

Keep discovering! 

Understanding your physiology and sexual anatomy can help you intensify your sexual experiences. Involving the maximum number of pleasure centres can lead to extreme gratification.

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