Masturbation for women, how does it work?

For the longest time, female sexuality has been shrouded under shame and guilt. Little efforts have been made to understand female anatomy and female orgasms have often been neglected. 

But it’s time to prioritise you! 

Don’t let societal norms or embarrassment stop you from feeling good. Masturbation is not a luxury, it’s a necessity, in fact, it’s your RIGHT!

No matter your relationship status, you deserve some me-time whether it’s binge-watching or giving yourself a good wank. 

How does it work? Your Mastur-Guide!

Understand your body! 

It’s important you understand what’s down there and what turns you on. Let’s clear a few things first….

Vulva: Let’s first clear this up, what you see down there is called the vulva and not the vagina. The vulva is the external part you see and includes labia lips, clitoris, urethra, and the entrance to the vagina.  

Vagina: A muscular canal-like organ that starts from the vulva and extends to the cervix. The opening on the vulva is the way to the vagina. 

Clitoris: It’s the erogenous organ of your lady parts. The head of the clitoris is externally visible and contains thousands of nerve endings, hence making it extremely sensitive to touch. Its sole purpose is to provide you pleasure, therefore it needs to be stimulated in order to achieve orgasms. It’s present above your urethra and covered by the clitoral hood (a covering). 

To begin with… 

The easiest way to pleasure yourself is to stimulate the clitoris. Tap your fingers on the clitoris or gently stroke it, touch your vaginal lips, and move your fingers in a circular motion around your vulva. 

A connection exists between the clitoris and the other parts of the vagina that creates a ‘G-zone’. Stimulating the G-zone through various finger movements or sex toys is important to achieve orgasm. 

A tip: Make sure your fingers or your sex toy are wet and moist. You can use a lube to make your life easier. Here are a few lubes that can help you out!

It’s high time you manifest some privacy and clear your schedules because masturbation has various benefits

  • Flood of feel-good hormones. Masturbation releases a bunch of hormones like endorphins and serotonin that uplift your mood.
  • Helps release emotional stress.
  • Promotes you to explore your body and get more in sync with it. 
  • Sleep better! One feels calm and relaxed after masturbating and this can help you sleep quicker and more peacefully. 
  • Helps you communicate better with your partner regarding your body’s needs and desires thus improving your sexual experiences together.
  • Why stop at one? Masturbation helps you understand how your body works, and hence can help you achieve multiple orgasms
  • It’s for YOU! And just you. You don’t feel the need to perform or worry about someone else. Hence, it’s a perfect way to give yourself some self-love.

It can be more than a solo routine!

Although it is considered to be a solo activity, you can masturbate along with your partner as well, it’s called mutual masturbation. It’s a great way to improve intimacy especially if you’re away from your partner or in a long-distance relationship.

On periods and afraid to go down there?

Don’t be! It’s completely okay to masturbate during your periods. In fact, it will help you fight the period blues and help with the annoying cramps as well. Due to the increased circulation of blood to your vulva, one can achieve bed-shattering orgasms during their periods. 

Ways to turn up the heat 

  • Sex toys can be your best friends. There are various kinds of toys that can help satisfy all kinds of kinks and desires you have. Also, it’s the perfect way to give your hand a break. 
  • Try erotica 

Watch porn or listen to erotica on your phone. You can also go back to the good ol’ days of reading erotica. 

  • Sexting 

You and your partner can always sext or video call (if you’re comfortable) and masturbate together. You can help each other get into the zone by sharing some NSFW photos, videos, and spicy texts. 

  • Set the mood right!

Get the vibe right by adding scented candles and dim lighting to your room. Do what makes you feel sexy by dressing up or touching your body. 

  • Pass on the control to your partner!

You can use remote-based sex toys that give control to your partner. If you’re comfortable, your partner can touch you everywhere, entice you or simply look at you while you masturbate. 

It’s never too late to start your self-pleasure journey…

It’s a beautiful way to treat yourself. Masturbation is one of the best ways to explore your sexual interests and improve your sexual experiences. 

So clear your calendars, light that lavender-scented candle, and give yourself some self-love. 

To check out more products that can help you during your self-love routine, click here. 

Share this lesson with your partner, friend, and everyone else.

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