All Day foreplay, how the mind is powerful enough to keep you turned on all day

All Day Foreplay: How to have the best sex of your lives
This might actually be the key to saving your sex life. If you and your partner have busy lives, and are often too exhausted by work, kids, or other responsibilities to prioritize connecting with each other on a deeper level, the answer may not be in having sex more often, but in improving the quality of sex you are having.

Nothing is more important to having high quality sex than foreplay. Foreplay is not just the five minutes of kissing that you do before penetration. Foreplay is preparing your mind and body to have sex. It is primarily about creating and maintaining an intimate connection with each other. Ideally foreplay should begin, the moment your previous sexual encounter ends. To nurture foreplay all day, means to keep that emotional and physical intimate connection open for dialogue.

There are two main aspects to foreplay. First, and foremost, it is a mental and emotional connection. The way you engage in foreplay sets the tone for the meaning you give to sex. To nurture the mental aspect of foreplay, talk to each other about sex, compliment your partner, and make sure they feel desired, and allow them to make you feel desired . Even small things like doing the dishes, or buying flowers after a long day for them, or if you want to spice it up a bit, tell them you’re not wearing any panties, these mundane but valuable things will help establish the mental intimacy that is so necessary for sexual intimacy. Very often, the body cannot prepare properly or most efficiently for sex, without appropriate mental and emotional preparation.

The second aspect, the physical part of foreplay is what we usually focus on. We must warm up the body for sex. This of course includes kissing, cuddling, using words to share sexy ideas. But please don’t limit this to the bedroom. Infuse some extra passion into a casual kiss, caress their butt discreetly while waiting in the grocery store line, or wear something at home that you know turns them on. Taking the time out to infuse normal everyday activities with sizzling hot sexual energy will not only reignite that spark, but also open up communication lines between you that may have been ignored due to stress and work.

Touching each other more often, sending sexual messages to each other, and complimenting goes a long way in maintaining the romance all day without taking time out of your busy schedule. There are also a plethora of sex toys available that can help steep every moment with sexual tension and anticipation. A vibrator, like the Double Joy Partner Vibrator, that is controlled via a remote or an app is an incredible tool. Give the controls over to your partner on a dinner date, or even a drive down a lonely road. Utilize the scientific marvel that is the Skore Pheromone Activating Spray to grab your partner’s attention on a random Tuesday.

Sex is not something that requires a scheduled time or an occasion. Make it a part of your everyday interaction. This does not mean you need to have sex every night, but it does keep nurture mental, emotional, and physical intimate connections that establishes the stage for an excellent sexual experience.

About The Author

Dr. Pallavi Barnwal

Pallavi Barnwal is a globally renowned certified sexuality, and intimacy coach. She follows a psycho-socio-bio therapeutic approach in her sessions.

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